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Check out a few of our recent client sites and discover how we can merge beauty in design with technologically advanced solutions.

Mark Russell Glass

Beautiful glass artwork by an amazingly talented artist. Mark brings a foundation of painting and sculpture sensibilities to his glass. Color and form are the driving forces of his work, whether in a simple goblet, or when creating a thought provoking sculpture.

Jonas Gerard

Jonas Gerard is a self-taught painter. He was born on the African continent in Casablanca, Morocco in 1941, to Jewish parents of French and Brazilian ancestry. Throughout his travels, he has maintained a strong connection to the essence of his birthplace.

Stephens Compounding

Stephens Compounding Pharmacy is committed to serving both the human health and veterinary markets. Our most common human health compounded preparations include urology, ophthalmology and retina, obstetrics/gynecology, addiction, dentistry, endocrinology, and dermatology..

Meadow Creek Mingle

Prime Number Designs is proud to announce our latest website, meadow creek mingle.  This upcoming endurance horse ride has already enabled visors to learn more about the ride, pre-register, and even pre-pay for their fun-filled weekend.  Be sure to check out their new site!

About US

We are a boutique design house that seeks compelling and curious projects to interact with

We specialize in responsive and beautiful design. We are passionate about giving clients what they want through a thoughtfull and extensive research phase which takes a look at the needs and mission of each unique project.

We are design theorists. We incubate and nuture ideas that provide design solutions that blur the boundaries between creative evolution and business development. Each project, large or small, requires a distinct approach. We engage our clients to develop a custom design brief that is tailored to their individual challenge and then work collaboratively to create new ideas, implementation tools and deliverables that are distinct and creative . The work we produce is as diverse as the projects and clients we work with. We are not constrained by implementation of complex designs, we provide our clients with the most cutting edge, forward thinking, creative visions possible.


Although already a house-hold name in the field of equestrian aquatic ballet, Charlesey became disenchanted with her work as an investigator with the special UN Inspector General’s office for G.M.O. modified Twinkies. After a great deal of soul-searching and dieting, Charlesey felt that her path was leading her to more creative endeavors. She met and, ultimately, fell in love with lead architect and Twinkie patent holder, Ron McCallister and started a new revolution in creative design.

While Ron could coast through life collecting revenue from his numerous patents on everything from the wheel to the concept of gravity (who knew you could patent that?), he decided to use his technical super powers for good rather than ill. Having solved the issue of how gravity performs at the event horizon for all black holes (in this universe), and how to make twinkes soft and delicious for a shelf life of twenty years, he met and fell in love with a UN Inspector General visiting from the states. The rest is, of course, history. And yes, it turns out that prime numbers are also patent-able. Can you guess who holds the patent?
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She does cool stuff and such.
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More stuff and such here.

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